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Thread: Jags EVERYWHERE!

This forum is for posting information about unusual British cars you have spotted. Please keep the posts focused on British cars that one would consider "classic" or special interest cars or bikes.

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    Turned down a side street to get turned around,& I noticed
    an XJS hardtop in a driveway,& about a block away from that were two
    XJS convertibles.
    When I drove back by the hardtop,I noticed at least four other
    cars,all Jags I assume.A few of them were covered up.
    Just Remember.......
    NOBODY ever says "COOL PRIUS!"

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    Re: Jags EVERYWHERE!

    Were they all up on cinder blocks?


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    Re: Jags EVERYWHERE!

    No - I don't think any of them were on blocks,
    & the hardtop,& two convertibles looked like they're driven.
    Just Remember.......
    NOBODY ever says "COOL PRIUS!"


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