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Improved rocker oil flow - TR6

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Anybody consider modifying the camshaft to increase oil flow to the rockers?

I rebuild the '73 TR6 engine recently, and one of the last steps was to prime the oil galley by using a slotted shaft in the distributor hole to the oil pump, driven by a drill.

At first, no oil would get to the rockers. Then, after some head scratching, I looked in the manual and saw that it mentions a flat machined into the cam to reduce oil flow. Naturally, I was on the flat, so no oil was being pumped to the rockers. Rotating the crank a bit started the oil flowing.

It seems that low oil flow to the rockers is a common source of wear, and the wear accelerates once it starts. The added oil line seems to get mixed reviews. Wouldn't filling in the flat in the camshaft increase the oil flow? It may only be a ~10% increase, but that would alleviate a weak spot. Has anybody done that? Anybody know if its available in one of the new camshafts?

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