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You say you need your steering wheel restored


Sorry for popping in here, but you know, I did Emma's steering wheel with stuff around the house. A scruffy, some Comet (yup), wet sandpaper...

Looks like new. There's a thread floating around in the MG forum with before and after pictures. "Wallah" maybe, can't remember the name of the thread! But it cost me NOTHING to do restore it! Might be worth a shot before spending any money on a kit guys!

Found it:


Great Pumpkin
Country flag
Our steering wheels are all black plastic stuff

Matthew E. Herd

Jedi Warrior
Mine's identical to that one, if not perhaps the exact diameter. If the leather on mine wasn't a total waste, I'd be happy to keep it. However, I'm probably downsizing to a smaller wheel for autocross (and I'm a big guy, so I can handle the additional oomph of a 12" or so diameter wheel)
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