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TR4/4A Yellow plastic fan in early TR4?


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I bought a yellow plastic fan for my TR4 as it was suggested in one of my catalogues that this might help with cooling. If I proceed with the installation the fan will be about a 1/16" away from the radiator. Too close. Has anyone else put the yellow fan in and how did you do it? I've found a metal fan that I getting anyway, should I just go with the original?


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I did it, and I even have pics. What you want to do is get a TR3 fan extension and dog bolt. That will shorten things by approximately 0.75" and give you adequate clearance. The resulting installation will be very clean. Moss sells a new TR3 extension pretty reasonably (~$30?), the dog bolt shows up on ebay occasionally for around $10. Here's a comparison pic of the TR4 fan versus the TR3/plastic fan setup:
fan comparison

Here's the dog bolts:
dog bolt comparision

And here it is installed:
installed fan setup



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Hi Larry,

1/16" is pretty darn close!

I think it's a good idea to keep the fan as close as possible to the radiator, but maybe a minimum of 1/8" or 1/4" would be better. That way if there is a slight wobble or flex in the fan blades, they won't strike the radiator fins.

Some alternatives to Randy's good suggestion:

First, I bet the TR4 extension could be trimmed a little. Perhaps a maching shop could skim 1/8" or so off the front of it. (Note: some do away with the extension when installing electric fans... Glad to hear you are using it... it also provides some harmonic dampening effect for the crankshaft!)

You can also move the radiator slightly forward, maybe another 1/8". The bottom mounting holes probably need to be elongated a little to accomplish it. I did this on my TR4 to make a little more room for the electric fan that is now installed, but it would work equally well to accomodate the plastic fan you are using. Just watch that hood clearance is okay and with long neck rads, it might be necessary to adjust the support brackets a little, - tilting the rad backward - to keep the cap from rubbing the underside of the hood.

I understand the plastic fan also does away with any need to balance the fan/hub extension assembly. Good news... since the balance pieces are often lost and no real instructions seem to exist for how the factory balanced the original assembly! The manuals just describe how to re-align parts using the 1/16" registration hole the factory drilled through the baqlanced assembly. Of course, that only works if a matched set of original parts are being used! D'oh!

If you get the TR3 extension, watch the clearance at the cross-brace between the spring towers. There were several different braces used and there is some variation there from car to car. It can be a problem with certain fans.

Finally, I suggest using Locktite on all the fan mounting bolts, or better yet tab-locking washers.



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I agree completely with Larry's comments. I have a late model TR4, I didn't have the clearance you had so was forced to shorten the extension. I have heard that some have been able to go with the existing extension setup, it may be some subtle difference between the early and late model TR4s. On mine, there was no room to push the fan forward enough unless I completely rebuilt the bottom mounts.

If you already have 1/16" it certainly would be a good thing to try and see if you can push a little more clearance out of the setup.

If you do go with TR3 extension, your new fan should be at nearly the same outer position as your current fan. My comparison picture is at a bad angle, but the two fan setups were nearly identical length.

I haven't seen clearance issues on the cross brace as Alan mentions, but I don't have an earlier model either. If you need any measurements taken of this type of setup just let me know.

Hopefully with the new fan you also bought a fresh mounting kit with grommets and the very important tab locking washers - if not, get a kit,it is cheap and needed.

From a performance point of view, I am completely happy with the plastic fan. The old metal one wobbled badly, and was very noisy at certain RPMs. The new fan is much quieter and there is a noticeable difference in how much air it pulls through the radiator.



Any way to use the 13 blade fan off a TR6? I have the one off my car and it is in reasonable condition, with a couple of corners rounded off but not enough to affect the quality. Be willing to part with it as well as the extension. Also have a 6 3/4" TR3 dog-thing.



I put the same yellow fan on my TR-4. It helps to reduce the temperature too. I live in South carolina and it is getting to the upper 90's now, maybe even 100 on Sunday. I notice your commission number is just "1" after mine. Mine is CT30559LOm It is black, red inside, wire wheels,& OD. I bought it in Columbus Ohio, new. yelsink@juno.com


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hello yelsink-

interesting coincidence on the commission numbers! I sent you an email with more info.



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I have no engine driven fan at all! Just an electric pusher. Works great!
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