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XK 150 on Ghost Ship


Jedi Knight
The movie "Ghost Ship" that is. It appears in a couple of scenes languishing in the hold. In one gut wrenching scene it takes a spray from a schmesser sub-machine gun. Other than the unwanted ventilation, it is a nice example.



Great Pumpkin
A fellow in my town has a fiberglass replica XK150 (with Ford power, I think)....let's hope it's one of those.


Country flag
My understanding is that most movies use replica's of expensive car like XK150's when they have a seen of them wrecking a car. Or even sometimes old cars taken from scrapyards that they do a quickie repair job on to make them look serviceable before they wreck them again.

I did hear of one movie shoot in Vancouver, BC that used a real Mini Countryman, it got thoroughly abused throughout, then later they tried selling it and had lots of trouble because no one wanted to touch it.
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