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TR6 wiper park switch-tr6


Senior Member
Just received new wiper park switch. The old one was disconnected and just laying in two pcs by the wiper motor when I got the car. How and where do I install this switch? 74-TR6


Great Pumpkin
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Should be a hole to the lower left of the big gauges.
This is a guess as my 71 id different


Senior Member
The park switch that I'm talking about mounts and wires directly to the wiper motor under the bonnet. Can't figure out how to install the switch so the plunger mech. engages on, or, in something.


Great Pumpkin
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Oh, that switch. Inside the mech case.
Do you have the book?


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I also checked the Bentley manual and it does not do a good job of showing any detail of the park switch.
Don- take your wiper motor apart and post some pics :jester:


Great Pumpkin
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Gliderman8 said:
Don- take your wiper motor apart and post some pics :jester:

Did that once. Ended up buying a new motor.
Anyone want a good "old" motor in pieces? FREE!
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