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Windshield question pt.2: Why not cut the frame?


Jedi Trainee
I'm looking at (1) my Bugeye windshield frame and (2) the windshield I just cracked trying to install it. The windshield frame was originally made in two pieces, the upper curved piece and the lower straight rail, and you can see where these were welded together at the two bottom corners with a mitre joint. Wouldn't it be a heck of a lot easier to just go about an inch above that mitre joint, make a straight cut on both sides of the frame to separate the bottom piece, install the windshield and gasket, put the bottom piece back on and just weld back up the aluminum cut. It would be easy and a lot cheaper than cracking another windshield. Jim
...or melt the gasket.


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GrahamP said:
The heat might well crack the screen! Other than that, great idea :crazy:
Yes, surely the heat of aluminum welding would be NASTY on the glass or gasket. Nice try. :smirk: I'm with the others that have hunted down a shop that is willing to do it.


Jedi Trainee
It's always the details that get in the way of great ideas. Oh, well, back to the drawing board. Jim
You could convert to a 9-stud windscreen. They are easier to assemble, but the tops do a poor job of keeping the rain/wind out.


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Jimflorida said:
It's always the details that get in the way of great ideas. Oh, well, back to the drawing board. Jim

? :whistle:


Great Pumpkin
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Hay, used some of that today. LOL


Jim, the general rule of thumb is the parts fit the car, not the car fits the parts.
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