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TR6 Which water pump for my April 1974 TR6


Luke Skywalker
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I see water pumps with and without pulley attached.
Anybody know which water pump to order (I try Moss first,
because they are closer and shipping comes more quickly.)



Great Pumpkin
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I think on the later ones the pulley was not replaceable so therefore the 1 piece is correct. Funny though, I thought only the 1 pieces were all that was available anyway.


Unless you go with an aftermarket aluminum water pump, which has only one pulley, pretty much all the iron replacement pumps will have two pulleys. A/C, air pump, designed for another car?


Freshman Member
I recently purchased #835-055 from Moss. This pump has 1/2" pulley. It can also be used thru 76. suzi6
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