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What's doin' today? Sleeping?



I'm thinkin' all the old geezers are still
sleeping from too much Masterpiece Theatre or
the weather in the States is mighty fine and
everyone is out driving.

I've been workin' on the Crypt Car since 4:30 AM.
There's a maybe 10% odds that rubber will meet
street by end of day.

Sure could use a REAL automotive mechanic to come to PR
to check out all this mechanical stuff I've completed on my own.

Someone familiar with the Crypt Car. Maybe that Canada
guy? Anyone remember his name? As I recall, he eats alot.



Hey Dale, I'm a geezer and have been up and around since 0415 this morning. Working on my second pot of coffee and watching F1.
Going to do Spridget stuff later.


Hey Jeff,

Bummed out in Bayamon-

My fishing buddy canceled last night at 8:00 PM.
Too late to call anyone else.

Crypt Car and HoneyDo's for me today.



Jedi Warrior
Hey, not all of the rest of us are old geezers. Some of us sleeping in this morning are young punks. /bcforum/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif

Mickey Richaud

Staff member
Country flag

Never mind! /bcforum/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/jester.gif


Great Pumpkin
Actually, I'll be taking those front end pieces apart today, if I ever get up the ambition to move.

I was too lazy to get up early for golf, so here I am, sitting here when it's really nice out in the garage.

See ya'll later.....


Country flag
Bringing the kids to Sea World down in San Diego, making time to stop at Bronx Pizza for sure.

No car angle, just good living and enjoying the family.


Great Pumpkin
I started that front end project, realized that I would cut the time to minutes with an impact wrench (which I currently don't have due to the need of space for a good sized compressor) and loaded the parts into boxes to drop off at my buddies for a quick disassembly on Weds.

Now I'm getting ready to go for a nice long ride in the warm fall sun.

Sometimes it just pays to be lazy....


Luke Skywalker
I know that guy. He was in my mirror this morning. Took the old El Camino out to a car show this AM and got to see a bunch of old car friends. Then, surprise,surprise, we went to eat HA HA. Let me know how that car works. I'm trying to get time off work to get back to PR
Dave (world travelling mechanic)


Been up since midnight Friday/Saturday, and I'm feeling it.
Not working on the car though...


Well cuz, if you really wanna know. Slept in until 6 this morning, after getting my Mom and sister off to the airport for their trip back to California, My Mudder was here visiting for her 81st birthday. My sisters came over also, one with Mom and one just with her hubby, so they could check out wanna be retirement spots on the big island or Maui. My youngest sister and her main squeeze toured the big island and Oahu, her boyfriend was an elementary school age child here, when he moved to California. So it was a pleasant two weeks visiting with part of my family. Then after the cat quit jumping on me(my 17 year old cat is an alarm cat, starts climbing on me around a quarter to five and gets more persistent so that I cannot sleep any later than 6.

Then over to My main squeezes place, we had breakfast together and spent some time getting reacquainted because I was devoting all my time to my Mom. Then on the way home got a call from a friend with a rbb MGB, ignition problem. So went over to his place and we resurrected his ignition. Someone had installed an allison system, but really botched the wire routing when they did it, so the harness was kinked and rubbing through the insulation. Fortunately, I had a spare setup that we installed and he's back on the road with the B.

So this is the first time today I've had a chance to go through the forums.


Jedi Knight
Now I know how you seem to have so much time to work on your car. You get up three hours earlier than the rest of us. I suspect I was also watching the F1 when you were on line. Too many family commitments to get much done to the Triumphs at the moment. That, combined with temperatures in the low 50s means that the work on the Triumphs will have to wait for a bit longer.
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