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TR2/3/3A What is my radiator made of? Brass?


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Hey I'm going to solder a tiny hole on my radiator it is the original radiator on my tr3a what is it made of? Brass, copper or steel?


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On my TR6--and I'd wager the TR3 is the same--copper core and brass tanks.



Luke Skywalker
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Did you put the original core back in?


Darth Vader
You really need to take it to a radiator shop and have them test it for leaks. Much easier to fix now than later. If you can, take it to a small shop rather than a big box national radiator company. My experience is that the smaller shop will work with you and it is usuallu a pleasant experience

Good luck, Tinkerman


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John, It appears that there is nothing you can't do, and to the very highest of standards. Wonderful documentation to boot. Tom
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