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Were any of you at the show in Hendersonville, NC?


I had to work long night shifts all week including last night, so I had to get some sleep today. Showed up over there about 4:30 and not a Brit car in sight. I did see about 3 Bs but they were in town and headed North and by the time I turned around they were gone and I didn't see them any more. I wanted to check out a few cars. Maybe next year. I went to one meet of the local club and they are great folks but my work schedule makes it hard to attend those meetings. I drove by the last meeting on the way in to work and checked out some cars in the parking lot of the steak house.


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My brother lives there and I forgot to tell him about it. Would have liked to know if anyone was there and how it was? By what you saw I would think not too many were. I might have planned a trip to come see it nest year.
There is smoe nice driving down by you.


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My wife and I stopped by at around 1:00 and there looked like there was a pretty good turnout, but not as good as years past. The fuel frenzy probably played a part in it. I'm terrible at visually estimating the number of cars there, but I'd say there were maybe 50 or so. A fair turnout of MGBs (where we hovered :wink: ) and several other makes. Lots of Minis, Triumphs, etc. I think my wife now wants an MGA to go with our B, but she knows that won't be happening anytime soon :laugh:

Our Car club intially planned our overnight trip to not interfere with the Autumn In the Mountains show, but when they changed venues and dates, it fell on our overnight trip date for our club (Foothills British Car Club, Greenville/Anderson SC based). We all went up Hwy 276 thru Brevard, Pisgah National Forest, then picked up the Blue Ridge Parkway over to Dillsboro, NC where we stayed 130 year old Jarrett House Inn. here we all are a the highest point in the Parkway, I now refer to this point as "ole foggy top" :smile: We had a few members not going on the overnight trip attend the show


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