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Welcome to the newest BCF forum - Vauxhall


At the request of long-time member JPSmit, I have created a new forum (actually a sub-forum) specifically for Vauxhill enthusiasts. This was done due to the fact that a Vauxhall Yahoo group will soon be losing their Yahoo Group platform. JP asked if we could accomodate the folks who were part of that Yajoo group, so here we are!

At the moment, this is a "sub-forum" of the "Other British Cars" forum because I anticipate, initially, there will only be a small group of participants. Should this sub-forum grow in popularity and get many more members, we can bump it up to full forum status. In the meantime, this is a place where Vauxhill enthusiasts can converse.




Staff member
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Thanks Boss - I so appreciate it! and to get the party started:



vauxhall viva gt.jpg
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