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want to start racing? [Eastern US]


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I have been away from the board for a while and busy with other things. Our region is trying to lower some of the barriers to getting your competition license. Our Chief Instructor, Tom Broring, is a british car guy, racing an H Production Spitfire 1500.

The DC Region SCCA lowers the barriers AND the cost of obtaining your comp license!

What a deal we have for you! SCCA has announced a streamlined Permit-to-License process for 2014 to get you into the game faster than ever, and the Washington DC Region is offering a series of incentives to make that process even smoother - and easier on your wallet.

First, get a jump start on the season and a leg up on the drivers' school with the Performance Driving Experience (PDX) March 15-16. Any novice permit holder who attends both our March PDX and our Drivers' School will receive a $100 refund from the region.

Second, the longest running, most respected SCCA drivers school in the Northeast Division is scheduled for March 29-30, at rollback pricing - only $199!! We haven't seen these kinds of prices since the last century and it's cheaper than a one-day HPDE at most tracks! For you SE Division folks, that's going to be before the 1st event at VIR, and for you Northern folks that'll be before the entire NE Division schedule and before all Chump & LeMons races. Those who race with the marquee clubs, other organizations, as well as those SCCA races who want a refresher course are welcome.

Third, any novice permit holder who completes the DC Region's 2014 school will pay just $199 for each of the region's first three MARRS events at Summit Point (April 12-13, June 21-22, and July 12-13, 2014)!

Registration for Drivers' School is expected to open on or about February 1. Registration for PDX and MARRS events generally opens one month in advance. Go to www.wdcr-scca.org to register.

Questions or comments? Contact
Tom Broring, Drivers' School Chief Instructor: dsinstructor@wdcr-scca.org
Elizabeth Miller, Race Chair for Drivers' School: specracer@porcupineracing.com
Travis Dixon, PDX Chair: pdxchair@wdcr-scca.org
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