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Vinyl repair for torn seat back


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Help - anyone have good success with a vinyl repair kit ? I torn up the top of my seat back on my Healey 100M driving it around last weekend. Sits right up against the top frame and did not realize it was rubbing the whole time. Now I have a 3/4 inch long tear right at the top - yikes !!!! Have seen the kits out there but anyone use one that really works?
Many thanks,

Mickey Richaud

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Soon after I finished the TR3, I had an "oops!" on the passenger seat. Bought one of the kits from AutoZone or Advance - the ones with the different colors. Had to mix to get the red close enough, but when all was said and done, it didn't look too bad. Actually, unless you knew it was there, it would probably go unnoticed.

As with most other tasks, patience is key. Good luck!



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Thanks Mickey ! I have used that kit before and like you say if you extremely careful and patient, will do an okay job.
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