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I am sure this topic has been addressed before. Could someone tell me how i can access this information if it is available or please answer the question i have about the current value of a pull handle 1963 MGB in good condition with wire wheels, ( no over drive ) but has all the early MGB stuff like low bucket seats, Aluminium hood, luggage rack,Tonneau cover, stow away top etc; It has a roll bar installed in it ( less value ? ) and also has a 3/4 race cam in the engine which runs well.

Bruce Bowker

Obi Wan
When searching car prices I do two things. Check Hemmings and check eBay. Although not necessarily the final word it does give one a ballpark idea.

DON'T go by Barrett-Jackson or any similar auction. Or if yo do cut the price in half!! :smile:



Jedi Knight
I would want to see bills for rebuilt or new parts. That would help bring the price up if you knew something on it was fresh. The cost to build a engine and trans properly or new kingpins and shocks can really add up. Then there is the body. Pics before the present paint job will tell alot about what the car was like as far as rot. Leather or vinyl inside? Check for rust in the castle rails and underbody. It can look good on the outside but be a mess under the car. Value can go from parts car numbers of around $600 to full proper restored in the $25000 range. Bob


Great Pumpkin
According to Classic Cars magazine-Oct 2011 (a UK magazine):

Note: all values in GB pounds and these are car in the UK (multiply by about 1.58 for US dollars)

62-67 MGB roadster-

Concourse- 11,250 GBP
Mint- 9250 GBP
Good-4500 GBP
Rough- 2200 GBP

for comparison

75-80 MGB roadster

Concourse- 7500 GBP
Mint- 5500 GBP
Good-2750 GBP
Rough- 1000 GBP


Jedi Knight
Country flag
Small price advantage to the 1963 - despite the fact that many of us consider it the classic early MGB, the rest of the world doesn't seem to care.
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