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Vacuum unit for 1500 Midget


I'm trying to find a vacuum unit (distributor)for my wife's '78 Midget. Neither Vic Brit and Moss carry it. Is the unit available seperately from the distributor, new? If so, anyone have a source and price?
Thanks in advance!


I have a known good one that I cannot lay hands on right now. It's lost in the pile. I found another one attached to my back up dizzy. I will try to test it tonight or tomorrow and get back to you.

Does your wife's car have the Opus dizzy or the CEI dizzy?


Don't know which it is off hand, I'll have to check when I get the chance, may take a day or two. How do I know which it has?
I appreciate your effort!


The easy way to know is that the vacuum diaphragm on the Opus unit is attached to a boxy protrusion on the side of the dizzy. The CEI dizzy has no boxy protrusion. I have Opus dizzies, and I kinda doubt the vacuum diaphragms are interchangeable between the CEI and Opus units.


OK, checked when I got home, looked in the Moss and VB catalog, it's the CEI. Duh, I knew that once I looked at the pics in the catalog I remembered which I had. Bummer!
Well, I've got a few other places to check with, I appreciate the time you took.


Jedi Warrior

Is that a vacuum retard? If so, you may want to read this thread and think about getting a vacuum advance unit instead.

Of course, if you do, the timing will have to be re-set and you'll need to ensure that at high revs it doesn't advance too much, otherwise that would be serious bad news.

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