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UGGGG!!!! I saw an 8 same color green I picked


Jedi Knight
MOst know the stress I have had trying to pick a new color for my 8. I settled on Lotus BRG metallic. Today on the way home I was at a stop sign and a green 8 with a Mini in chase passed in front of me. I followed and finally caught them when they became lost. The owner was from near CLeveland and was on his way to Altoona to a LBC show. He told how he had just spent the last 2 months painting his 8 Posidean Green. I explained the stress I spent finding the color I like and my green decision. I set him straight on the directions and he and his wife and the Mini were then off with a V8 roar. Nice guy who was not scared off when my Hummer chsed him down.


Great Pumpkin
So two questions:

1. Did you actually like the color, seeing it on another car just like yours?

2. Did you send him to Altoona, via Hershey or through Johnstown where I grew up?


Jedi Knight
He was actually on State road 228 thru Saxonburg headed for RTE 28. My guess is that he will run 28 thru Kittanning to 422 and thru your Birthplace.

I do like the color, it was posidean green and obiviously a very very well done job. He was justly proud of it. Mine will be a shade or two lighter and Metallic. I do like it. Green is not a favorite color of mine but looks great on the 8.

I am off tonight to Harrisburg via Johnstown here in a few minutes


Great Pumpkin
Country flag
Metallic Poseidon Green, isn't mine that color?


Are you sure you didn't send him to Punxsutawney? Was he using the old "get lost, get found" method travelling from Cleveland? Most people couldn't find Saxonburg if they were looking for it.

Mickey Richaud

Staff member
Country flag
DNK said:
Metallic Poseidon Green, isn't mine that color?

Originally, your was Poseidon (so was mine). But yours is a darker, more "yellow" green than Poseidon. I actually like the color of yours better than Poseidon.


Jedi Knight
I did not think Poseidon Green was metallic. As far as finding Saxonburg, you are right, very cute little town. I actually live the next little town over. I did not ask him his route but 422 is a nice ride in the 8. Some hills to appreciate the V8, some turns, no stop lights. Punxy is a great ride too. ALtoona is a great place to ride but I would have sent him out RTE 22 to enjoy all the road work.


Great Pumpkin
Country flag
Re: UGGGG!!!! I saw an 8 same color green I pic

Brosky said:
... or through Johnstown where I grew up?

I just ~knew~ there was somethin' familiar about you, Paul. /bcforum/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/devilgrin.gif
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