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Two LBCs [actually three but only two pics - and some boats


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In the pub i mentioned that i went to particpate in the ordination of a family friend. Had time to kill getting there so took a secondary highway. Saw an MGB but no time for a pic, but saw this at Macdonalds


Can't say it is my favourite shape but it was in great condition.

then, on the way out of town saw this


it still amazes me how rarely i see Midgets.

stopped at a Marina to stretch my legs and saw this


it is a Folkboat and to my eyes a stunning shape. I was talking to the wife of the couple working on it and he (the husband) had just finished restoring it - the owner was flying in tomorrow for the first viewing. Sounds like he had to replace a lot of wood! It was perhaps the most immaculate boat I have ever seen in terms of finish.

finally this.
this was actually my father's boat. He bought it as a lifeboat from a laker when i was a teenager and we built it into a boat over a winter - evenings and Saturdays. Then when I was at college, he had it rebuilt with the aluminum superstructure. He wanted me to have it, but i have enough holes in the road to pour money into without a hole in the water too. He sold it almost 20 years ago. Must say it was looking pretty sad. Hasn't been in the water for some time and is pretty beat up.


oh, and bonus. This was at a cruise night on Saturday. The owner imported it from Japan. Funnily we were chatting about how rare they are and as I was leaving another one pulled in.



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McDonalds: "Want wedge with that?"

Great looking wooden boat there. What's the Japanese car?


Oops, not Japanese - Fiat Barchetta


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Great pictures JP. I recall seeing that TVR with the Stirling tag in Lindsay a few years ago. Where was that Folkboat at, we had a friend in Port Hope that had one and iirc Mal Sutton the auto shop teacher at Moira in Belleville had one in the seventies. They are beautifull little boats, as is your fathers old boat. Ian Thompson


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