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TR4/4A Two 1966 TR4A's For Sale - Montana


Darth Vader
I saw those and was wondering what the story was given the description:

"These Two 1966 Triumph TR4A cars have been in dry storage for 40 years. They are both rust free complete cars. One has a hard top the other is a soft top. They both need total restoration. Both for $6000"

Dry storage for 40 years would have been since 1970 which would have made them only 4 years old at the time.


Andrew Mace

Staff member
Country flag
Again, fuzzy photos, which are most frustrating! :madder:

That said, the one car almost looks to be Triumph's #22 Cherry Red, which is a correct Triumph color, but one I don't ever recall seeing on a TR! I'd have thought repaint were it not for the fact that the engine bay appears to be the same darker red!?


Country flag
If I were closer, that ad wouldn't be running any longer. Fuzzy photos, yes, but tantalizing just the same! And looking closely at steering wheel, it looks like maybe it has two turn signal stalks.. hmm, I wonder what that might be! :whistle:


Darth Vader

I know what you mean! Mentally, I was considering what shipping 2 TR4A's from Montana to Virginia would be.... :smile:



Jedi Trainee
You had me going, and I was jealous!

If I had the space to store them, I would have borrowed a truck and trailer and $6000 and brought them home. I would have probably kept one and gotten one fixed up enough to sell for $5K to make the one I kept nearly free.


Jedi Trainee
tdskip said:
I just bought them.

There was going to be two people waiting at your door step. One with a rolling pin and one with a jack handle.



Darth Vader
You might be right. Purely a distraction as he quickly drives to Montana with his trailer...



Senior Member
Fellow TR folks,
Since I love close, pls let me know if you want a closer look. I'd be glad to take my TR4 down all 20 miles and check them out and reply w/ pics for someone to preserve them.
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