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TR6 triumph tr6 clutch problem


Freshman Member
Hello just wanted to see if anyone could help me out with this problem, just got a tr6 that was stored for three years it did not have slave cylinder on it so i fitted new one, when i bled it the piston came nearly all the way out and got stuck, no oil came out of the hose to bleed it the nipple was open.
not sure if this is a clutch fork problem, has anyone got any ideas? would be most gratful for your help


Great Pumpkin - R.I.P
Sounds like a broken taper pin to me. Unfortunately, the only cure is to pull the gearbox and replace the pin (plus maybe some reinforcement so it doesn't break again).
Then you can work on whatever the hydraulic issue is.


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Jedi Hopeful
Make sure you have the slave cylinder mounted on the back side of the mounting plate and not the front(as I did my first time), as that will cause the rod to over extend and possibly come out of the housing.


Jedi Trainee
tr6_easyrider said:
Make sure you have the slave cylinder mounted on the back side of the mounting plate and not the front(as I did my first time), as that will cause the rod to over extend and possibly come out of the housing.


I've done the same thing (I think twice even - blonde). It's not that intuitive that you should first put the slave through the bracket and then affix the hydraulic hose rather than hook the hose up first and then attach the slave to the bracket but thats the way it's supposed to go.


Freshman Member
yes i live up the road a little in the old school house, i drive past it every day they have proberly seen tr6 outside my house, small world!


Freshman Member
hello again i have put new clutch master, new pipes, and slave bled it but still does not work, piston came out and jammed at the end, did swap slave around like everyone said to do so wanted to see if you think this is the clutch fork ?


Great Pumpkin - R.I.P
Pull the operating lever as far away from the slave as you can by hand, then look at the angle it makes with the slave pushrod. Normally, the angle will be slightly greater than 90 degrees, meaning the lever still slopes towards the slave. If you can see that the lever slopes away from the slave (angle less than 90 degrees), then there is definitely a problem inside the bellhousing. Most likely the taper pin, but could be something else.

Check out the Buckeye Triumphs site for lots of good TR6 clutch articles :


Is the slave mounted on the correct side of the mounting plate that attaches to the bellhousing?


Freshman Member
thanks again slave is mounted on the right side, have a feeling its inside the bell housing, the car was off the road for 3 years when i got it, it did not have the slave cylinder on, and i can now see some hammer marks on the fork so maybe thats why it was put away for that period of time. thanks again
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