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TR2/3/3A Triumph TR3 and others


Freshman Member
Great souvenirs of this car. My neighbour had 2 Triumph (1 TR3 and 1 TR4), that he restaured. He had also an old Alfa Giulietta and a Corvette '78, all restaured.
I wish I had a car like these, English have the passion for cars, for example with the small car makers (Ariel, Bristol, Ascari, Morgan, etc.). But it's a shame that so nice makes like Aston, Rolls, Bentley, Jag,etc. are now in foreign hands.

Geo Hahn

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I have a French-speaking friend who always pronounces my cars' name as 'Tree-umph' -- has a nice ring to it I think.


Jedi Knight
It is interesting that a Frenchman also thinks that it is a shame that most of the British car industry is now foreign owned. I agree, and don't really understand why this should have happened, when the German and French manufacturers have survived.
I think that Morgan are about the only British car company now.


Great Pumpkin - R.I.P
A shame indeed. Looks to me like there is plenty of blame to go around (workers, union, management, gov't, etc) but this isn't really the place to debate it.

Is Morgan still privately held? That may be what has saved them; plus not subscribing to the theory that constant growth is the only alternative to death.


Darth Vader
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far as i have seen morgan still dooin there own deal. make a car, make a fender for it.cool cars, out of my reach.


Freshman Member
And it's a shame also because the United Kingdom is historically a car manufacturer. But as for many European makers, the IIWW has not helped, in part also for many luxurious car makers (how my English...!), like Delahaye, Facel Vega, etc.


Luke Skywalker
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The pre-WW2 French motor industry had great names that disappeared, either due to recession, or the War, or post-war Socialism, but I won't pursue the political argument.
Delage, Delahaye, Hotchkiss, Bugatti, Amilcar, Salmson, Talbot are just a few that come readily to mind. France has a great car-making tradition too.


Just stating the truth.I know there should be nothing political said,but what happened to the car industry in England in the 70's was that the socialists burned the place to the ground.Building cars by committee has never worked.Maybe someday people will get the chance to buy a Chryforchev in America.OOOOH! Bet they cant wait.Positive point.LBC's will continue to go up in price.
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