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triple zs air filters - any ideas?



So it looks like I'll have the car back in a couple of weeks or less on the triple zs setup. Remember this is only temporary so I don't want to spend too much, but I realised I have no provision for air filters.

Anyone have ideas for air filter mounts for the carbs?
Can I get trumpets & socks or something similar cheap?
Are there any other options before dropping a few hundred on the Goodparts ram air setup?

Oh and if anyone needs CD175 carbs pm me - I have a bunch of them now - I bought a job lot off ebay and rebuilt one. I don't need the rest.


Hey Alan,
I have triple 3" K&N filters on my setup. (The 3" filters will fit with adequate clearance on the right inner fender but you will have to shorten one of the front air cleaner's bolts to be able to finesse it in before tightening.) Not economy filters though. I had the GoodParts cold air induction (not a true ram air but uses negative pressure to suck cooler air into the carb air box) And really didn't care for the "look" of the big-ugly box. Plus I had my bonnet louvered to suck air into the carbs. As you know, filters such as the K&N ain't cheap so if you are hellbent on the GP setup, look at the cheaper air filters offered by the vendors. Velocity stacks are not cheap either, depending on who you buy them from, they cost as much as good K&N's. Plus, if you go with velocity stacks you won't want to take them off because your car will never run that well again! I put mine on for shows or if I want to go out and kick b**t. But the socks aren't true filters, just keep bugs out of the carbs.



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Anyone know if TR4A filters would work? I'd think they'd be similar size to K&N, and a whole lot cheaper.



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Followup, check out vic brits selection for TR4/TR250- some possibilities I think:

air filters

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