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Transmission removal


Jedi Trainee
Sorry guys, I don't have a manual for the car yet.

1970 Midget, baught ofr the 1275 for my 63. i'd like to get the trans out of the 1970 but the transmount will not budge from the crossmember. I have removed the two bolts up into the transmount from underneath, are there others?


and thanks in advance.

Two under the carpet on the side of the tunnel.


Jedi Trainee
Thanks Jesse,

yup at 2am last night I was scratching my head wondering why it wouldnt budge. Got up this morning and made this post, then downloaded a manual from spridget-tech.com
(excellant site BTW) and ,,,,,duh,,,,, felt like an idiot for making the post and anouncing to the community my stupidity.

So, after I took those two side bolts out the transmission slid right out.

Now,, off to read my Rivergate insctuctions very, very carefully.

No problem. Don't worry... we've all had our "DOH!" moments.


Jedi Warrior

Keep us posted on the Rivergate kit. I'm putting one into my bugeye next month.

Any information is welcome. Your 'DUH' moments are points of knowledge for me.

Good luck.
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