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Wedge TR7 5 speed differential


Freshman Member
Does anyone know where I can obtain a new "collapsible pinion shaft spacer" for a TR7 5 speed differential? The BL part number is UKC979. If not, is there a work around?


Great Pumpkin - R.I.P
Wow, must be pretty scarce. I found one that sold on eBay for almost $70!

Alternative I think would be to machine a solid spacer and add shims as necessary to get the right preload. But I've not tried doing that for a TR7, so no idea how hard or what dimensions, etc. A good start would probably be taking the old one to a machine shop and asking for a solid duplicate that is .010" or so shorter. Shim washers are available in a variety of sizes from suppliers like MMC


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Another possibility (although I have never used it) is to use a shim in addition to the collaspsible spacer. When the pinion is re-torqued, the spacer should collapse further to provide the correct pre-load. It probably too late now, but some people deal with the collapsible spacer used on the TR6 by marking the location of the pinion nut before removing, then returning it to the same location on re-assembly.


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On second thought, scratch the first suggestion in the above post. The technique works with the collapsible spacer that is used to set end play in the rear hubs, but will not work with the pinion which is pre-loaded.


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What some guys do is remove the one you have put it over a socket and hammer the bulge down to make it longer to reinstall and be able to be compressed with the proper tension.


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Those things have been unobtanium for a long long time. I've reused them with great success. Mike's procedure above is spot on. Other than that, rebuilding is just like any other rear end. You won't get the bearings off the axles without a bearing puller, and you need an inch pound torque wrench. Others have made aluminum spacers, but that requires paying a machinist to make it. In most cases the side shims can be reused without changing them to different sizes, it's just the pinion bearing making all the noise. You can also research Rover SD1 rear ends. They are one and the same. Available gear sets were 3.08, 3.45, and 3.90. There were also 2.84s in some SD1s, but those are hens teeth.


Great Pumpkin
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Guy in UK offered me one on this forum the other week.
Not in a good time money wise.
I also thought the Ford could be sought for comparable dollars


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I just measured my NOS collapse able pinion shaft collar/spacer and it is .75" in overall length.
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