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TR6 ??TR6 steering wheel NOS or Aftermarket on ebay??


Luke Skywalker
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I've been looking for a wheel like this for many years. Sorry I'm not sure how to post to the forum ebay #190335935303. This wheel is stated to be NOS, I'm not sure that it is. My questions have been unanswered buy the seller. The rubber around the rim looks to be to shinny, and the grip bumps on the bottom look to be to tall. Also the rubber goes to far up the spokes. And the bottom spoke looks like it has black paint that goes past the rubber on the back side. The rubber horn pad does not look correct for a wheel with the silver spokes, rather one of the early ones that were painted black. I tried to get the seller to show a picture of the hub with the pad removed without any luck yet. I know there was a aftermarket wheel made in France the looked very close to the original but the spokes were painted instead of being plated, and the rubber rim was different. Also the hub was not the same. Input anybody. Can someone put up the link for me? Thanks


Jedi Trainee
here it is Wheel

I agree doesn't look like a factory wheel. The seller looks legit though. If he won't post a better picture then I would not buy it.



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Maybe someone can track down the part number he's citing...NP 717...


Luke Skywalker
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Thanks rooster for the link. I'll figure it out someday. I don't think I will bid on the wheel.


I would say it's an unpainted early wheel. The rim is narrower than the later wheel as it should be.


Senior Member
"NP 717" doesn't jibe with any of the steering wheel part numbers shown in the TRF Blue Book, pp. 226,227; nor is it a part number found in the '74 to '76 TR6 Parts Catalog. The bag in the background appears to show the 'NP717' part number. I agree it is probably an early wheel. Non-USA, perhaps?


Luke Skywalker
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How about a Spitfire wheel, not TR6. I'm almost certain it's not an original TR6 wheel. The seller has a very good selling record. No reply from him about my questions.


Jedi Warrior
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It looks like my Spit wheel but I cannot find that part# in my heritage cd parts listings, it shows 5 or 6 digit part numbers, no NP 717 to be found
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