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TR6 tr6 - really dumb dash question



OK, so I need to remove the heater knob on my TR. It looks like it should just pull off. I don't see any retaining screws or latches. I tried pulling gently then in frustration a bit less gently, but it just sat there looking at me, making me madder and madder.

Before I adopt the brute force and ignorance approach, am I missing something stupid, or is it a straight friction fit and I need to use a bit more enthusiasm. The manuals are unclear (to me).

I already feel like an idiot for asking such a dumb question so be kind /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif


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On the bottom side of the knob where the black plastic covers the metal shaft there is a teeny tiny hole. You really have to contort to look underneath, and it's close to the flat part of the knob that you pull on, so it's easy to miss at first glance. If you insert a small nail or very small screw driver into that, it releases a retaining spring. (I can't recall the exact mechanism, but it's easy to figure out once the knob is off). I recal you need to keep pressure with the nail as you slide it off. Maybe I'll go try it again to refresh my memory!


Alas, I have actually seen some aftermarket, original style control knobs and control shafts for various TR6 switches that actually have a fake hole, no latch and drive on with friction. Whoa to the poor cluck that has to ever remove one. Check before you install one of these abominations. Right up there with the bonnet release cables everybody now sells. Pure crap.



I got a new choke cable a few years back from TRF, looks like the knob is completely glued on or something. Hope I don't ever have to take it off, only way seems to be to unhook it from the carbs and pull the whole thing back out through the dash hole.


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John is correct, there SHOULD be a small hole on the understide of the heater knob. The trick is to push the spring loaded ball that fits into that hole in while tugging on the knob to release it. It's easier said than done, but if the ball is still in plce, that's what is holding the knob on.

1970 TR-6
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