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TR6 TR6 Frame repair progress - it's done!


Jedi Trainee
Country flag
I'm very excited to share my photos of my frame which has been completely repaired without removing the body courtesy of John Burket of Triumph Works, Inc. in Claysburg, PA ( www.triumphworks.com ). He has done the most amazing job of cutting out all of the old and rusty stuff and welding in new. This includes the crossmembers. The front of my frame is in fine shape, but the rear was very dangerous as it had many holes and cracks. Now it's all new and coated with POR15. Check the photos out! Just thought I'd share with the community.


Mike B.
1972 TR6 Pimento


Great Pumpkin

Nice box in and reinforcing job. Excellent looking welds also!

I see that you've begun with the POR15 or Eastwood Sealer.

You know that once you start in one area..........well, you can guess the rest.


Triumph Works has been around a long time and he used to sell preformed pieces for diy too.

Your frame looks like it will outlast all of us. I like the black t-shirt photo the best.


Jedi Knight
PeterK said:
I like the black t-shirt photo the best.
So do I, but there should be a BCF logo on it at the left front pocket position.

Seriously though, that looks like really nice work, especially liked the diffy boxing, now you can put 350HP through there!


Luke Skywalker
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My guess is we are looking at POR 15. Shiny and
glossy version...don't remember which...but it sure
can mimick powder coat.

Looks very nice. I'm a little partial to the product,
I suppose. Hope I'm not wrong.


Great Pumpkin

It is POR15. I missed that in the first post to the thread when Mike said that's what he used. It's the Chassis Black, which is what I used on mine.


Darth Vader
Country flag
So if I were to do mine with por15 would you steam clean underneath first or? And are you using all three steps for por or? thanks


Great Pumpkin
If you want to do it correctly, it will need to be completely degreased before any PO15 is applied. (or any rust inhibitor or paint) The POR15 Marine Clean does a fantastic job of removing old crud, but the scrapper and wire brush will have to come out at some point. The the Metal Prep can go on and finally the POR15.



During & After 2 coats POR15


Frame assembly after a weeks drying time:


It's been fun, but I want to get it out before the snow hits. Hopefully on Friday AM I'll be driving it home for the winter.


Darth Vader
Country flag
thanks, i will remember to check your site when the time comes. you say it was fun? laying on your back using solvents? maybe rewarding when done. but fun? I need to get my car higher off the floor this winter.


Great Pumpkin
I said that "tongue in cheek". It was a pain in the butt, but now that it's coming to a close, it's worth it.


Jedi Trainee
Country flag
Thank for all of the great comments. His service comes with the POR15 on all new metal. Now I have to do the rest. I've already done the front of the frame which is not pictured.

So this spring, I'll be getting back underneath to finish it up. Just remember to all: use gloves or you'll be stuck with the stuff on your hands, etc. for days. I do hear nailpolish remover helps though.

Next up for Triumph Works is putting in brand new rockers, rear deck and forward pieces (which I found all on eBay). I also have a new front driver's side fender and possibly two others and a rear valence. The panels are in decent shape, but I found a great deal on fenders so why not.

After that's done...well..I'll keep you posted because you all know it almost never ends!
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