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TR6 TR6 dash refinishing


Darth Vader
Country flag
Well, I can put up with freezing temperatures and no top, but with record rainfall, I have to accept the fact that I will need to park my TR6 and do the work I have been putting off. I repaired my dash and am getting ready to put a finish back on. My questions is what type of finish was originally on the dash? If this finish is not available, what are some suggestions for something that will hold up to the elements? I thought about spraying laquer, but is there something better? Also, what kind of paint/color was originally used to paint the edges? Thanks for the suggestions in advance.


Great Pumpkin
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Kevin- The school kids must have you hopping this year. Thought you dropped of the face of the earth.


Luke Skywalker
If you want to go back to the orginal then that would be teak and since you have all winter go with the hand rub poly from Minwax and after about 3 coats use some 0000 steel wool to buff it off, tack cloth and start adding coats and steel wooling until you get your desired gloss. You can get in 3 coats in a day if it's in a warm area. One word of caution, go lightly around holes or you will take off the finish on the edge. Wayne


Jedi Hopeful
No kidding, Kevin! The rain has been unbelieveable! I'm just across the water in Victoria B.C.

Adam H.
1972 Triumph Spitfire.


Darth Vader
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Yes, Don, those little fifth graders have been keeping me busy (and exhausted). The main reason I was not on the forum though is because I have been busy driving instead of working. I will drive anytime day or night as long as it is not raining (top not installed yet). I was also getting too obsessed working on the TR6. I needed the break.

As far as the two finishes recommended, do they both fill the grain like the origninal finish? I was lucky enough to get a NOS glove box door on Ebay that actually matches the grain on my dash (the old one was destroyed when I bought my car.) The new door has the orginal type finish. I was going to just match up the color and then put a satin finish on the rest of the dash to match. Any other suggestions?


Darth Vader
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Tom, thanks for the info. I did check your website out. The dash you did looks great, but I couldn't tell how well the grain was filled in. I still have some questions, so I'll contact you through your website.
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