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TR6 TR6 Custom Aluminum Gas Tank ~ 15 Gallons


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One of this year's winter projects was to design an aluminum fuel tank that would fit "any" TR6 and give additional capacity. Dan Masters gave me his 18 gallon design but that required modifying the trunk to get the tank to fit. Another fellow designed a tank specific to his car with swirl pots and a custom external pump....... I modified that design to make it more generic to fit, hopefully, every TR6. I just updated my site with the installation of the first tank produced and can say that it fit up perfectly. You can see everything from the building of a mock up to the final installation. Using math......and the internal tank dimensions, the capacity should be about 15 gallons. I used Boyd Welding to make the tank as custom aluminum gas tanks are the only thing they make ranging from 1 quart to 5000 gallons.

I have no financial interest in the sale of tanks by Boyd Welding but he was kind enough to agree to special pricing until March 18th. Hopefully my posting this doesn't violate any forum protocol ..... I just want to share a quality product at an excellent price with everyone.

The following is his words from an email sent to me:

As for pricing it will be $425.00 for non efi and $ 725.00 for EFI tanks including the Aeromotive Stealth 340.

Reference part #’s

#14020 Standard NON EFI = $ 425.00
#14021 EFI with Stealth 340= $ 725.00

Because I am considering this a group buy the pricing will only be good until Monday March 18th. After that the pricing will be normal prices which will be $ 475.00 and $775.00. The EFI tanks are only available with our Stealth 340 pump because of the custom cutout and flange required. An option for the provision without the pump will not be available. Each customer will need to install their own stock sending unit we will supply the 6 bolt flange.

We will be collecting 100.00 deposits on every order and will not start fabrication until after March 18th so that we can begin production. I am figuring 2-4 weeks to begin shipping after the Group Buy ordering window has expired.

Boyd Welding can be contacted at 877-270-3576


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Nice work Bob, if I needed a tank it's something I would consider.
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