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TR6 TR4a and TR6 gas tanks interchangeable?



Country flag
Here is why I ask - check out this indentation on the TR4A tank I had dipped.

There was some artful bondo that made the indentation look smooth, but now that it is stripped it doesn't look quote so good.


Any issues using this tank (other than a slight loss of fuel capacity and aesthetics?


Darth Vader
As long as it doesn't leak, use it. You're going to cover it up: so much for aesthetics.
Looks like PO used a hammer for clearence (?).


Darth Vader
The tanks are interchangeable as far as fitting them into the tub. There may be some additional fittings that will require a plug or two.

As far as the tank with the dent, as long as the metal is intact, it is still serviceable. Once installed, no one but you and everyone on this forum will know.

You could attempt to pull out the dent, but that could be a challenge.

The holes, if any, can be soldered up or better yet, a small piece of metal placed over the hole then sweat soldered. Just sure the tank is vapor free.

I would use the old tank, and destroy all the pictures of it.


Darth Vader
What the heck were they thinking when they did that???

(and I didn't see a thing!).



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Hi Scott - I have <span style="font-weight: bold"><span style="font-style: italic">no</span></span> idea. Weird eh?


Let's hope some day you won't wish you had that extra pint of petrol.


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We've seen it..... now you'll have to swear us
to secrecy,or kill us.

- Doug


Darth Vader

I was thinking the same thing...



Great Pumpkin
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If it is dented is the,has the capacity changed??
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