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TR4/4A TR4 Rear Leaf Spring Mounts



Has anyone replaced the standard rubber bushings with Joe Alexanders's Rear Axle Locator Kit (bronze bushings)? This is not a track car, but I drive "spiritedly" along a lot of narrow twisty roads. I would like to tighten up the back end handling, but I don't want that to the detriment of the ride comfort (!!!). Any thoughts?


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I have them on my TR3. There are other mods too, so it's a little difficult to determine the effect -- however -- the ride, while "stiff" is far from ruined, comfort wise. I recommend them.


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I didn't use the bronze bushings from Joe, I don't think they were available at the time. I used nylatron and stainless kit from British Frame & Engine. Didn't notice any degradation of ride. I was doing alot of SOLO II at the time, it seemed to help keep things in order. What does Joe say about the ride comfort?

I am not sure ride comfort and TR4 can be used in the same sentence. :jester:


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Aloha Mark,

I've been considering replacing the rubber bits on my TR3's rear springs. What is included in the British Frame & Engine nylatron and stainless steel rear spring locating kit? I am particularly interested knowing if the front spring eye bushing is included. Most of the usual LBC part supplier only offer the standard rubber type spring eye bushing.


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Dave, I know the rear bushing came with it, I just looked under the car and saw it. I can't say for sure about the front because of the large stainless steel washers. I put this kit in quite a few years ago so I have forgotten. I looked though my notebook and didn't find the instructions. Sorry I can't help you more. Call Ken Gillanders at British Frame and Engine. He is very pleasant to talk to and is very knowledgeable about his products.
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