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TR5/TR250 Tr4, 4A and 250 gas cap position?


Senior Member
Ok I have owned a tr250 and 2 tr4a's and the gas caps all opened from the back, I keep seeing photos where the cap is rotated so you open it from the side ( so the lip flips open to the side of the car rather than toward the front of the car).
what is the correct position?


Great Pumpkin
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Actually , they should be diagonal, IIRC, so the boot can be opened while getting fuel


Jedi Warrior
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The correct position is that it opens from the drivers side, be it right hand or left hand drive



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DNK said:
Actually , they should be diagonal, IIRC, so the boot can be opened while getting fuel
Mine is on diagonal. Don't know if that was PO arbitrary positioning or intentional. Seems to make sense that you'd want access to the boot while fueling.


Darth Vader
I don't have a great picture of it but the Triumph accessories list for the TR4A seems to show it opening from the driver's side in the shot showing the luggage rack as does the TR4A owner's manual (although that one's opening from the right-hand side since presumably it's a picture of a right-hand drive car).



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I have mine with the latch to the rear so the cap swings toward the cockpit. I think I did that so it would help block any splashes that may occur, plus I just like the way it looks better.

Dan B
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