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TR2/3/3A TR3A gas cap fiber washer


Member 10617

Hello out there,

Does anyone know where I can find and purchase a fiber washer for my TR3A gas cap cover? MOSS doesn't have them, neither -- it appears -- does TRF.

Or, is there something that can be substituted?

Thanks, in advance.

Geo Hahn

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Are you referring to the ring that goes into the lid itself? Or the big washer that goes between the escutcheon and the body?

For the former I cut a square profile O-Ring of suitable size and crammed it in the lid. Didn't matter that the ends were not glued together (just touching), all was tight once it was in there. I probably used a left0over O-Ring from an old canister oil filter (they always include extras).

For the big washer I cut one out of thick gasket paper -- might have been more than one since (on mine anyway) I was trying for a fit that would have the 'ear' pointing to the drivers side when the cap assembly was fully tightened down.

These comments pertain to a pre-TS60000 TR, so should be same as yours.

Member 10617


I'm referring to the big washer that goes between the escutcheon and the body. My lid doesn't have a washer ring: just a metal bell on a spring that pushes down against the fiber washer below it to make a seal. The red fiber washer on the neck of the filler doesn't have an ear. It is just round. Perhaps we have two different gaas cap assemblies.

At any rate, thanks for the great idea of making a fiber gasket myself. Mine is not very wide, so cutting one will be a real challenge. I am going to search the automotive/hardware stores around here to see if I can find a washer the right size or one I can trim down.

Sorry to read about your problem with the starter!

Geo Hahn

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...Mine is not very wide, so cutting one will be a real challenge. I am going to search the automotive/hardware stores around here to see if I can find a washer the right size or one I can trim down...

The thick gasket paper (often dark grey in color) can be hard to cut and may fracture rather than cutting clean. A simple way around this (after you have drawn in ballpoint the inner and outer circles for the ring you want to cut) is to soak the paper in water. Then it is easy to cut and get a very smooth line.

Manicure scissors work well for this work. Don't ask -- just lock yourself in the bathroom until you're through using them.


Great Pumpkin - R.I.P
A sharp X-acto knife and a flat piece of wood works pretty good, too. Don't try to go all the way through in one cut, just keep cutting the same groove deeper and deeper until it goes through.

Member 10617

All great ideas. I wonder why such an ordinary item is not available from MOSS, etc.

Another related question: the red/orange fiber washer currently in the neck of the gas tank outlet is wedged into the round slot and would have to be cut out (no doubt). The new one, cut following the good advice above, would have to be wedged into that slot. To keep it from falling out and into the gas tank, does it have to be cemented in somehow?
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