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TR2/3/3A tr3 turn indicator


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Hi all I am have trouble with my tr3 turn indicator not cancelling. I must have put it together wrong. The last time I had it apart I think I might have put the back piece off 180. I did look at a diagram and I think I followed it, but it was for an MGA. Anyways could someone please elaborate on how the canceller operates?


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Does the control head rotate with the steering wheel or stay atationary when the wheel is turned?

It should stay stationary.


Great Pumpkin - R.I.P
When you install the control head, the steering wheel should be in the straight-ahead position, the turn lever should be up and the cancelling tab(visible on the right below) should be straight down. Slide the head into position, then tighten the gland nut on the steering box, and the 3 grub screws on the wheel, without turning anything.


Of course there could be other things wrong. I managed to install the cancelling pushrods backwards last time, so mine doesn't cancel either. Here's the "before" shot, showing the correct orientation:


Someday, maybe, I'll go back and do it right, maybe even finish writing the article. :laugh:


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Thanks you guys for your comments. The tube is tight with the nut and olive, and I think I put the back on just like that Randall. I might have put the rods in wrong too Randall. The wheel is not exactly straight yet would that make a big difference? I did fix the front alignment and that made big difference.I will have to post a thank you to Banjo and Randall for their suggetions.


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Aloha Steve,

A thing to remember is the self canceling mechanism was made for a car to driven on two lane roads mostly. I find that unless you are making a sharp 90 degree turn, the self canceling does not work. A sweeping turn through a multi-lane intersection doesn't set the mechanism.


Great Pumpkin - R.I.P
For the switch to cancel, the wheel has to turn far enough into the turn to move the hump in the cancelling ring past the pushrod, then then far enough back the opposite direction for the hump to push the pushrod up and lift the roller out of the hole. If the wheel and cancelling ring are not lined up, then one or both of those things may not happen, resulting in no cancelling.

To find out, you can try turning the wheel a full turn towards the turn, then a full turn in the opposite direction. If that allows the switch to cancel, then the ring is probably not lined up.


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Steve,I had come across this document sometime ago. It may be of help to you.



  • 24460.pdf
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Cool...I didn't know my TR had a canceller...I have something else to fix now!!

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When I purchased my car, it had the original turn indicator, and it would not cancel. I had a new horn button and turn indicator installed about 9 months ago and, guess what, the new one would not cancel. After fussing with it for a while, I discovered -- as Dave points out -- that it will not cancel unless I make a very sharp, 90 degree turn. Then, and only then, does it cancel. Perhaps it can be adjusted, but I have resigned myself to simply canceling it manually.
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