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TR2/3/3A TR3 Oil Capacity

Geo Hahn

Country flag
But check the dip stick -- it may want a bit more than 6.

It will depend in part on where you want it to read on the dipstick as I think there are about 2 quarts from the bottom mark to the top mark. I usually keep it right about midway.

The reading itself can be affected by the condition (or absence!) of the felt seal on the dip stick 'stop'.

What a simple question. What a complex response. Sorry.


Jedi Knight
...I can say for a fact that it is a bit over 8 qts,....if you get the oil filter cannister tightened down off center....

...it's no wonder the Titanic went down....


Jedi Trainee
...it's no wonder the Titanic went down....

..and which they are now claiming had substandard rivets.


Darth Vader
Ya know I saw that little bit about the rivets and really had to laugh. Rivets indeed, boffing a major ice berg would make any rivet look bad. Some group has way to much time on their hands.

Oh by the way I learned first hand about off centered oil filter housings. First go at tightening mine was off centered. Glad I learned about that little trick before I put oil in!


Don Elliott

Obi Wan
I shortened the long bolt that goes up the center of the original oil filter by about 1/4" and then I ground the end it with a chamfer. Being shorter means that the bolt head never crashes against the crankcase vent pipe when removing the bolt and the tapered or pointed (chamfered) end makes it a lot easier to find the true center when re-assembling it.

I have heard so many negative things about the spin-on oil filters that I know I'll stay with the original one.

Those S-T engineers who designed this car were not stupid. They did a lot of good design work.
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