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TR2/3/3A TR3 Head Gasket


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My tr3 is in the shop again to correct a valve problem. I am going to furnish the mechanic with the head gasket...I have a NOS Payen that is probably 30 years old...would this be preferable to the modern gaskets that are furnished in gasket sets these days?


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NOS preferable?? A "modern" Payen head gasket is generally considered to be a very good gasket. I have one on my modified TR3 and it hasn't caused any problems. If it's the same construction that they are now using, it should be fine.

BTW, I bought the Payen separately, not in a set.

Geo Hahn

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Sounds good to me -- short of physical damage I don't see a reason (either design or aging) that would create a problem with the 30 years on the shelf.

Since the problem being addressed is valves, your old head gasket may be in pretty good shape (and custom-fit to your head too) -- by all means go with the NOS one but consider keeping the old one as an emergency spare.

Those who have noticed I carry a spare head gasket on long road trips think I'm crazy but maybe someday I'll look smart -- it might even benefit one of them. Of course, they may still think I'm crazy.


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Payen no longer makes the tr3 gasket since about 2 years ago...I tried about 10 suppliers and no one has any stock left, either in sets or single.


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I bought mine about three years ago from British Frame & Engine which still lists Payen AE330. I also have 87mm liners, so maybe the 83mm ones are different. Either way, if they aren't available anymore, that's a shame, because that head gasket has a good reputation.


Great Pumpkin - R.I.P
I asked Ken last year, he doesn't have any more and doesn't know where to get them.

He never was very good at keeping the web site up to date.


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That's pretty common; l found that many suppliers show the Payen on their website but if you call them, they really don't have any.
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