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TR2/3/3A Tr3 floor pan removal


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Here is one of my dumber questions again. If I have the body off the frame on a 1961 tr3 can I remove the floor pans without causing too many problems? It looks to me like the bulkhead might start to implode or the front engine compartment might start to fall foreword if they are removed. I do not know. I am thinking I should probably put the tub back down on the frame for support. Any input on this is very welcomed.



Great Pumpkin
I've only repaired the rusted out spots in mine, but I've read several posts here about "bracing" the frame when removing floorpans. Something like tack welding cross bars on. Otherwise the frame can buckle when the pans are pulled.


Mickey Richaud

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As I recall, the inner sills are REALLY stout and provide a good deal of rigidity (as long as they're sound, of course). Still, you'll want to cross-brace the upper part of the cockpit before you pull the body off, so the body doesn't fold in on itself. That should provide the "box" you'll need to keep things together when you remove the pans. Adding more bracing on the lower part would definitely increase the insurance factor.


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Let me add my dumb question:

I need to replace the drivers floor pan, inner and outer rockers. I have all the pieces and am wondering if I should:

a. remove floor pan, install new. then remove and replace the inner rocker.

b. cut the whole mess out and start with the inner rocker.

And by the way, the inner rockers are VERY stout. I was really suprised at the heft of them. Almost like a steel beam and not folded sheetmetal.



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Thanks all for your help. I have the body off the frame and sitting on two sawhorses positioned towards the end of the inner rockers/ out rigger. The tub seems to sit there nicely like a big piece of sheet metal art, but like yankee suggested, it probably would be better on the frame that way the front and rear mounts would have stability. Anyways I guess I will get back to sandblasting and I will try and include some photos because I know how I like looking at other people’s.

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