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TR2/3/3A TR3 Cooling System Capacity


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I'm looking here in my Service Instruction Manual (reprint of original), and it says the the cooling system capacity is 13 pints (7.4 litres), and 14 pints (8 litres) w/heater. Am I to assume that British pints are larger then US pints?? Should I go by the litres?? I'm filling up with fluids after a total rebuild, so there is no coolant in the system, and I want to make sure that I get it full with no major air cavities before start up.

Don Elliott

Obi Wan
An Imperial quart has 40 ounces. The US quart has 32 ounces. The pint is half of both these.

Just fill the system to the top of the box-like filler extension and then start the engine. As it gets warm, the thermostat will open and water (coolant) will circulate. The level will drop as the pump sends water into the heater core. Then air bubbles will rise in the by-pass hose down below the side of the thermostat housing. Keep adding coolant till you see that the level in the bottom of the filler box is about 1/4" above the bottom floor of the filler box. Put on the filler cap. After a short ride to enjoy the thrill of driving your TR, allow it to cool and safely remove the filler cap. You should still have 1/4" of coolant in the bottom of the filler box.

If you add more coolant in the filler box, it will just expand and flow out the overflow hose all over the ground or onto your garage floor, till you finally get down to the correct coolant level - namely, 1/4" above the bottom floor of the filler box.


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Thanks Don...the pragmatic approach.

BTW, I ran into this concerning the Imperial pint...

America adopted the British wine gallon (defined in 1707 as 231 cubic inches exactly (3 in Ă— 7 in Ă— 11 in)) as its basic liquid measure, from which the U.S. wet pint is derived, and the British corn gallon (⅛ of a standard “Winchester” bushel of corn, or 268.8 cubic inches) as its dry measure, from which the US dry pint is derived.

In 1824 the British parliament replaced all its variant gallons with a new imperial gallon based on ten pounds of distilled water at 62 °F (277.42 cubic inches), from which the UK pint is derived.

Don Elliott

Obi Wan
Did you know the the length of measure (the foot) was determined weekly by the parson measuring the length of the right foot of the first man to exit the church after the Sunday morning service.

Naturally, it changed from week to week and it was different in each parish across England.

The Brits adopted the metric system about 25 years ago, but their motorways, their maps and speedometers are still in miles and MPH. Go figure. At least it doesn't change every week.


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Hi Matrix 5 I am asking probably a non- applicable question, but I have seen this done wrong a lot before. Is your rad cap a 4 psi?


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Yes, the cap I got from Moss is supposedly a 4 lb. cap.
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