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Totally OT - but funny as heck.


Reminds me of my wife's friends husband who I took for a ride in the 3A this summer. He said 'You don't have to take the corners so fast for me'. Well I was taking them fast for ME and as I punched it in 3rd going into a corner (with a utility pole at the apex), I think he pooped his pants. Later I found that he has trouble just riding in the passenger seat, let alone with me at the wheel.

After he recovered, he said that my 3A was the tightest TR he had ever been in, even new 3As he had ridden in back in the 50s. I told him that if I hadn't just rebuilt the entire steering and suspension, I wouldn't have searched for the limit.

Funny video of the drift. The screams sounded vaguely like Jims too.
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