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TR6 Top, aftermarket plastic/fiberglass for TR6?


Jedi Knight
I got an aftermarket top that I thought was for a TR6. The two pins in the front fit correctly into the regular convertible top holes in the top of the windshield surround. The side window openings appear to be located just right for the windows and doors. But the back of the top appears very straight where it would meet with the body and my TR6 is a little rounded there with the apex where the gas tank filler is located. I know I need a new seal for the top but I dont think it would have enought filler to allow for the curvature of the body and the straight edge of the top. So what does this top fit?


Great Pumpkin
Country flag
Don't take them of you, you ninny.
The top!


Darth Vader
Spitfire since the windshield side seems to fit (uneducated guess)? :smile:

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