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Tigers at the English Motoring Conclave

MGA Steve

Jedi Warrior
Last weekend there were 11 Tigers at the 20th Annual Colorado English Motoring Conclave, in addition to 5 Alpines, out of 580 total registered vehicles. Are there any other shows in the U.S. that get that many Tigers in one place at the same time, perhaps outside Southern California? How about in the UK?

If anyone is interested, I can post photos of some of the ones I saw--most had been meticulously restored. However, one was a competition car with a huge hood bulge, roll cage, fuel cell, etc.


(dreaming of another LBC--a Tiger!)


Jedi Hopeful
I should think some of the big events organised by the Tiger clubs in the US and UK would easily exceed that number.

We've probably managed to match that number here in Australia from time to time - although here Tigers are usually vastly outnumbered by Alpines at shows.
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