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Ticking noise from car when driving


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So having just removed and refitted the transmission I hear a ticking noise when driving, not sure if it is related to what I have done or not. Anyone else had similar experiences or can throw some light on this?



Great Pumpkin
Could be your speedo cable. Is it binding or dry?


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I've only taken it up to 30mph, end of street and back. Sounds like I'm hearing it from outside of the car, so it is probably coming from underneath.


Simon TR4a

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Try pushing the car in neutral on your driveway while someone else listens to try to identify the source of the sound.
If you can hear it when the car is running it should be quite loud.
Does the ticking occur once per revolution of the wheels?
Does it go away if the car is put in neutral?
Try to narrow it down by a process of elimination.

Geo Hahn

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Diagnosis of small sounds can sometimes be aided by driving alongside a wall, first on the drivers side, then the passenger side. Nice wall behind my Home Depot that works great for this. As noted try in different gears and coasting out of gear and even engine off coasting, etc.


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My TR6 makes a noise like that and I finally narrowed it down to an out of round drivers side brake drum.
The noise goes away when I touch the brake pedal or pull a little on the handbrake.
I had to use the reflective wall to figure it out as mentioned above.


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I hear a ticking noise when driving

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