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The Story of a Very Special Jaguar Racecar


Jedi Hopeful
In the early days of Southern California road-racing, Phil Hill's buddy/brother-in-law Don Parkinson ran this re-bodied XK-120 racecar:


(Pebble Beach, 1952)

The Parkinson Special is still frequently and enthusiastically raced... and with great results!


(Pacific Raceways, 2011)

Here's a new article written especially for vintage Jaguar enthusiasts:

Terry Buffum and the Don Parkinson Jaguar XK-120 Special

Tell us what you think of this article. Should we publish more like it?


Great Pumpkin
Country flag
Very interesting! First glance of the top photo says: "That's an Allard!" :jester:

Loved the detail pix. Brake pedal pad is Ford, too... homage to the clutch and brake M/C's origin?

Absolutely want more like this. The roots of sportscar racing here in the States.

Thanks for posting it , CJ!


Curtis, that's a very informative article about an important period in U.S. motorsports racing. Nicely researched, too.

I think you should continue to publish such articles of what may be considered the golden age of amateur racing here.

Thanks for posting! :yesnod:
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