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The Land Cruiser is back! [Toyota]


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Toyota plans to start selling the new FJ Cruiser (a.k.a. Land Cruiser) by March 2006, from what I'm hearing.



It's targetted as a low-price rugged 4x4. I'm not quite convinced with the styling, in particular the styling towards the back of the truck.


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I'm eagerly waiting to see these things start rolling off the transporters at work.
I understand they briefly toyed with the idea of selling these under the Scion name, because of it's agressive styling, but decided to use the brand history of the FJ40 Land Cruiser.
As a note, This is NOT a Land Cruiser. they never quit making Land Cruisers, but they have become the equivilant of a Cadillac Escalade. And are the most expensive vehicle currently offered under the Toyota name. A far cry from the rugged Jeep equivilant they once were as the FJ40.
These FJ cruisers will be sold along side the Land Cruiser, they are not taking over for them.
They've been teasing us with these things for over a year. I won't have a good opinion on the styling until I see one, but I'll let you guys know what I think as soon as we get one in at work.
We have a TON of new product coming this year.
Out a few months ago, the Highlander Hybrid. 30mpg SUV V6 with the towing capacity and getup-n-go of a hotrod V8 weeeeee!
Just out, the all new, bigger, more refined, optional V6, RAV4. We just got a few of these. Very nice.
Out soon, the all new Camry, restyled, very Euro looking. and with Hybrid engine option.
coming up, the FJ Cruiser.. We've discussed this one.
then the Yaris. Taking over for the Echo. Looking like a styled Scion XA... Small, 40-45 mpg
Later this year, the all new Tundra... Bigger, much bigger! Will be as big as a Chevy 2500 series. ( not looking forward to working on these monsters)
It's keeping us on our toes!
We're just getting used to the all new Avalon, and Tacomas.
Well at least work isen't boring.
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