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Tampa Bay All British Meet - First Car Show....


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Thought I would share a few pics from the Tampa Bay all British Field Meet this past weekend.

Great turn out and the first time I got to show the 100.....


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Nice, but I got all excited reading the title, hoping that it would be this coming Saturday (when I'd be driving through Tampa enroute to Longboat Key).

In picture number 2 (actually TBAB004.JPG) there is a young couple, is that you? I don't know why I'm asking, as all the Healey people I know don't have any hair (like me).

Furthermore, I thought it was an unwritten rule that 100s had to be displayed with the windscreen lowered?

But seriously, the car looks gorgeous!


Jedi Warrior
My favorite car!!!!!!

Congrats it looks great!!!



Jedi Warrior
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Michael, thanks for sharing ... the pictures are great and your car is beautiful!!...excellent!



Jedi Trainee
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Thanks, 5 1/2 years and counting, always something to do but it's pictures like these of other peoples car's that keeps me going!!!!!!

Now I have some of my own!

PS: My daughter in the picture with me really enjoyed seeing it in a show for the first time!
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