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Tag sale special

Bob Claffie

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A friend of mine runs tag sales professionally and has been commissioned to do one with a lot of auto related stuff. He invited me to the preview next Monday and among the cars are a 1500 MGA with a spare parts car and a MK1 Sprite with a Midget parts car to go with it. Two questions. Is a MK1 Sprite the first square body car ? He says it has a 948 engine. No idea what year the "A" is but what would be the least I could offer without getting burnt? Supposedly cars are from Georgia, basically unrusted and haven't been run in years. I'll have more scoop early next week but sadly no pics as I am digitally ignorant. Also available are one or two bugeye noses, what are they worth? Bob


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Mark 2 sprite is the first "square" spriget. Should still have side curtains, and quarter elliptic springs. Early cars have 948s, later cars are 1098. Mark 1 sprite is the bug eye.


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as I recall, there was a guy around here had a bugeye hood in good shape for $400 - that seemed like a very good deal compared to what many seem to go for - especially rust free dent free versions.


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For those who don't know what a tag sale is-
we call the yard sales out here.
See- I did learn something while in Mass.!

- Doug
Bob Claffie

Bob Claffie

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This is the promised up-date. There is a MGB-GT, an early 70's chrome bumper car with a really good body and a ratty parts car. There is a very restorable MGA 1500 roadster with a scrap parts car. Next is a not so good MK2 Sprite with an awful Midget parts car. Also a nice looking split bumper MG roadster with chrome wire wheels. Saw a set of LE MGB wheels and lots of misc mechanical parts. This sale is Sat 9 ish to 3:00 and is located in far Western Ma. Anyone with an interest reply for contact info. My guess that this stuff is going to sell for pennies on the dollar and if you need it, it will be cheap. Oh, yeah, the Bugeye nose is pretty beat up, it was once upon a time on a SCCA racer. I have no $$$ interest only to help out fellow car nuts. Bob
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