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Stupid Question Alert: Using a Jack on the Healey


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I bought myself a 3.5 Ton jack at costco. I hate a year end rebate of 40.00 and the jack was 69.00. So it was worth it. The saddle heigth is just 4.00 inches. I hope that it reaches under the car. I purchased 2 pair of jack stands at Harbour. They are the 2 ton variety. My next question is just a basic one. When jacking up the front and the back of the car, where should I put the jack to make sure i don't screw anything up? Are there jacking points? I looked in the manual and didn't see anything.

Also where should I put the jack stands to support the car once I have jakced it up? I want to get under the car and do some greasing and general clean up. Might also look at the oil relief spring. So where should I place them to make sure the car is supported and it doesn't twist or ruin anything?




Darth Vader
Tony, no such thing as a stupid question, that's how you learn. Most place a 1X6 or 1X4 between the jack and the front/rear cross members on the frame. Go up in stages, don't try and lift to maximum all at once, it will slide off! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/nonono.gif
Place the jack stands near the engine mount brackets (front) and near the rear spring brackets in the rear. You should be able to try and rock the car on the jackstands and have NO movement. If you do have movement use shims etc. to adjust the weight. Remember, you'll be under this thing. Above all else work safely. Those Harbor Freight jack stands tend to wobble when up to high.
Good Luck. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/angel.gif

John Loftus

Darth Vader
If you are putting the car on 4 jackstands then you need to do the rear of the car first (just no room to get the jack under if the front is up in the air). For the 1x4 or 1x6 it's best to use hardwood. I've seen some use a steel plate or angle iron but metal to metal can be slippery. With the hardwood you can rout a channel down the middle to clear the welded seam on the front cross rail. Otherwise you can push in the weld bead making the rail weaker or possibly cracking the weld. Make sure that when you place the jackstand that you also clear the weld beads. My jackstand heads have a U shaped geometry that nests very well on the corners of the main frame rails.

I am extra careful when putting the car on jackstands, checking the stability when they are up and don't do any strong pulling, levering, jacking when I'm working under the car. A relative of mine was killed when working under a car and it slipped off the stands so please keep in mind the potential danger.



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I cheat a little-
I nailed a couple of 2 foot long 2x10's together (one on top of the other)with a stop on one side and a 45 degree cut on the other. So what I've got is 4 ramps low enough to fit under the car and tall enough to make it easier to get the jack under. When I want to jack it up I drive the car up onto the ramps first.


Luke Skywalker
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These guys are right about the safety issue. I never go under the car with ONLY the axle stands. Buy some timber blocks and place them under the chassis rails front and back. Just in case the worst happens you have a back up.

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