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TR2/3/3A stubborn TR3 turn signal wires


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Hello eveyone:
I need some help again.
My major problem with this, is not knowing how something works.
I can't pull my old wires out of the steering tube.
What is the function of this tube? Does it turn with the shaft?
Can I do without it? ie just run the wires down the steering shaft.
If I can't do without it can I use 3/8 steel tubing as a replacement?
And lastly; any removal tips (acid, oil, ect) I have 3 or 4 inches of wires sticking out of each end, but they won't budge!
I've owned many LBCs but this one is eating my lunch--
I know that I appreciate all the helpful advice and commiseration that I receive from this forum.


Darth Vader
The tube doesn't rotate; hence the name stator tube.

It keeps the control head from rotating with the steering wheel.

I know this doesn't help you, but the wires should pull right out. I can't think of anything that could be holding them. Maybe Randall knows.

Are the bullet connectors staggered so they will fit through the stator tube?


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Dr. John
As I originally stated, I don't know how it works, having bought it disassembled.
On the outside of the stator tube are two web shaped expansions that seem to be affixed solidly to the stator tube, that would not allow it move without the steering shaft moving.
Assuming that these centering devices are frozen, I can see how the stator shaft could possibly be stationary, if these devices were freed.
This car sat in the weather for 12 years with the steering wheel removed and water collecting down the steering shaft.
The wires are frozen-rusted in the stator shaft, but they do extend 2 inches or so above the ends- they are wrapped with cloth.
how can I get the wires out?
Do I really need this tube--
could I replace it with steel 3/8 line
Thanks for the help with the stator tube-


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Aloha Emmett,

The stator tube is centered in the inner steering column with those spring expansion devices. the stator tube extends out of the front of the steering gear box and is clamped in place with an olive (compression sleeve) and nut. This keeps the control head on the other end stationary as the steering wheel is turned.

I would start with something like PB Blaster between the stator tube and the steering column and let it soak for a while. Taping the stator tube with a hammer may help break it free.

It sounds like the wires in the stator must be badly corroded and expanded. Perhaps you should try to remove one wire at a time. There should only be four wires in the tube. Perhaps PB Blaster or some other penetrating oil would help also.


Great Pumpkin - R.I.P
The tube is held stationary where it's passes through the front of the steering box and a compression fitting. Yeah, it's kind of important, as otherwise the oil will run out of the box, plus the control head will turn with the steering wheel and eventually tear up the wires. The stator tube is what keeps the control head (turn signal switch and horn button assembly) from turning as you turn the wheel. It's also important for the turn signals to automatically cancel when you finish turning.

Sounds like the wires are already toast (should stick out of the bottom by several feet, and have terminals on all the ends), so it's just a matter of how to get them out of the tube. I would probably start by grabbing one wire with pliers and pulling as hard as I can. Some gentle heat with a propane torch on the tube should melt the PVC (under the cloth) and make it easier. The wires get smaller after you let the smoke out

But before you put too much work into it, compare the upper end with the photo at
If you don't see the slot, your tube is broken and must be replaced anyway.

The tube is a special thin-wall construction, to leave room for the wires inside. No doubt it's possible to source the proper tube someplace, but ordinary tubing isn't going to work. And AFAIK Macy's Garage is the only place to buy them at the moment.

Those "web shaped expansions" are also known as anti-rattle springs. All they really do is keep the stator tube from rattling against the inside of the steering column. Kind of annoying when it happens, but it doesn't seem to happen very often so it's no big deal if they are missing. They don't serve any more important function than that.


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ok I think I see. The control head remains fixed, evan as the wheel is turned. Is that weird? I don't remember my MGA or my 100-6 being that way-- many years ago, I was but a lad
The wires are slightly twisted and wrapped with original cloth tape that makes it impossible to pull them separately.
I like the torch idea. pulling four strands of copper wire sounds easy.
Thanks for the excellant explanations.
On the road by Sept- God willing


Great Pumpkin - R.I.P
emmett1010 said:
Is that weird? I don't remember my MGA
Not as weird as a MGA, IMO ! Instead of the stator tube and the turn signals on the wheel; they had a toggle switch on the dash with a strange pneumatic gizmo that turned them back off after a fixed length of time. At a stop light, you had to keep twisting it to keep the turn signals running.


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Better idea;
I've bought
a new wire harness
a great original wheel
new control head plastics
new bearings, shims, seals
machine shop fitting and installation
and now thanks to you guys--
Macy's will sent me a new stator tube
along with leather pull staps and 1/4 panel covers
Great web site,
Thanks mucho
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