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Stromberg carb question


This may have been covered in "British car 1-01" But I think I must have skipped that day.........
Where is the oil in my dashpots going? I have one that goes dry in only a few miles of driving? I was using some 10w shock oil is that too thin? I have heard ATF works well. Any thoughts would be helpful. Thanks Bob


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I think since your TR6 has carbs with fixed jets and adjustable needles - if so you are most likely losing oil past the o-ring seals in the needle assembly. Older Stromberg carbs had fixed needles and adjustable jets, with no oil loss issues but maybe the occasional gasoline leak. I had your problem on my Spitfire, I don't recall it being as bad as you describe though. I've also hear ATF works pretty well for the dashpots, it might be worth it to see if it slows leakage down for you. If not, I think a rebuild kit would have the appropriate replacement o-rings for the problem area in the dashpot.

Good luck,


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I had the same problem, I dont recall the Kit having this o ring. it also takes some effort to get the seal out, they have some kind of star washer that you push in from the top that secures the part in and you have to force it to get it out. I replaced the o ring with something I thought would work and still the oil drains into the carb and manifold. so if your smoking its the oil in the dampers. I went to webers and thats a whole nother issue


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Yep, leaking O ring is the cause and it doesn't come with the ZS carb overhaul kit (don't ask why), you have to order it seperately.
I use heavier oil in mine, like 20W30 engine oil, makes the mixture a little richer when accelerating since it dampens the movement of the air valve opening. The heavier oil might stay in the carb a little longer but there's really only one fix.


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The o-ring does come in the carb kit made by Royze but not the star washer (365-395) you need when you replace it. (I just refered to this part # in 'vendor rant' minutes ago.

Alan T
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