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Stock Cam VS Performance Cam


Jedi Trainee
I have some basic questions about cams in a 1275 A Series motor. What is the major difference? Does the performance cam allow the valves to stay open longer or allow the valves to open further due to larger lobes or perhaps open at a different intervals than a stock cam? What is the standard cam lift vs performance cam? I also want to wish everyone Happy Holidays! Thanks


Jedi Knight
Do you have a particular performance cam in mind? They are all different with longer duration being what most are defined by but lift and timing (scatter pattern) are also changed on some. You really need to elect the cam based on the build of the motor and how it will be driven. Cam specs are listed by the vendors or in Vizards book. A stock cam is usually about 230' intake duration with 0.250" lobe lift.
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